Brag Page!

A page for some of the accomplishments made by Russford dogs and their families.


Harbor Run's Jovial Affair DNA


Kurtis x Laney

Owned & Loved by Cora & Ian Flemming, OH

Russford's Heart of Rosetta Moonshadow CGC TKN


Triton x Etta

Owned & Loved by the Cole family, NY

Russford Harbor Run Chasing Waves RN


Granger x Laney

Retired, now Owned & Loved by the D'Ambrosio family, NY

ADW Ethel 


Granger x Sasha

In training with Assistance Dogs of the West; Santa Fe, NM

Russford's Coast to Coast Anchor Mate VHMP


Triton x Etta

Owned & Loved by the Evonuk family, VA

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