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Available Dogs & Older Puppies

Please visit our Puppies page for important information on our breeding philosophy, and about our plans for upcoming litters.

Rarely, we may have an older puppy or adult dog we are looking to place in the perfect forever home. We will post here when an older puppy or adult dog is available.

We do not have any adult dogs or older puppies available at this time.

Last updated: 2/13/2024

Please understand that we do not allow visitors to the home when we have a litter of puppies, out of an abundance of caution for the health of our dogs.  Once a litter is born, families will be able to meet their puppy at a scheduled pick-up time.  Young puppies have fragile immune systems, and we do not risk bringing in any outside diseases that could threaten the health or the lives of our dogs and unvaccinated puppies.  We will however provide lots of pictures, videos, and updates to waiting families; and families are of course encouraged to arrange a visit to our home to meet us and the dogs prior to the birth of a litter.  Most recently, a new strain of canine influenza has threatened the health of dogs and puppies in our region.  Click here to read about one breeder's experience with canine influenza, and to better understand why we have this policy to protect our puppies.

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